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    October 30, 2013
    4:30 - 5:01am PDT  

popping up and will continue to cool off, again what we call the dew point, the amount of moisture in the air is too high for us. although somebody checks in close to that. 61 san francisco today, 49 for a low, 27 tahoe, ukia 44, 47 monterrey, so under clear skies, system diving down but that is exactly what it is going to do, so a cold morning, then sunny s-a few low clouds, maybe high clouds but temperatures mid-60s for a few, low 60s for others, here is tara. >> thanks, steve, construction in san jose this morning along highway 87 northbound at the north taylor off-ramp. closed this morning. up next a live look at the san mateo bridge, still foggy, this has been like this since monday but traffic is flowing nicely in both directions, at the bay bridge toll plaza, not seeing back up just yet, still early in the morning for that. and finally highway 4 through
the bay point pittsburgh area, those highlights you see there are westbound traffic as you make the drive toward concord and 680, no delays as of yet. 4:30, back to the desk. >> highway 121 in sonoma county is back open after a crash, christien kafton is live with the latest details and i understand chp says alcohol was a likely factor. >> yeah, the accident happened along this stretch of road after 7:00 last night, two cars collided, killing one man and leaving at least three other people injured. investigators say 25-year-old demmadare chan drays was driving a jaguar south and witnesses say he crossed the center line to pass other cars and that is when the collision happened, the jaguar crossed into oncoming traffic and a toyota coming in the opposite direction hit the jag head on. chandra's passenger was killed in the impact, the man and child in the toyota were
injured and chandra was taken to an area hospital as well, chp investigators tell us they believe he was intoxicated at the time. >> drugs and alcohol are suspected to be involved. it is again really too early to see any other information but we are investigating that as being involved. >> comings up in the next half- hour we will tell you about now efforts underway to combat that here. now live in sonoma county, christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. >> police are looking for the suspects involved in a carjacking, police say last night the suspects forced their way into a woman's car and made her drive to an atm and take out money, then she was dropped off. she was driving a 1999 ford
windstar, the license plate is 4-v-0-u-399. >> they stole those and were returned. someone stole that last week, the missing excavate tors cost a lot and they are expected to release more this morning. >> new details about the owners of a home shut down by the state amid charges of unsafe and unsanitary conditions. the owners, the manuel family, also has a care facility in modesto, the california department of social services a has brought in independent investigators to examine that nursing home for any mistreatment of patients. >> we brought in outside contractors to assess the residents and also to determine
if there is adequate levels of care and supervision provided. >> if the state finds violations it can file a suspension order against the modesto facility as well. this afternoon the sheriff's office and fire department will hold a news conference to discuss their findings into the care facility there, the state is reviewing how 19 patients were abandoned for more than two days last week, the state blames the facility for not transferring its patients after it was ordered to close. >> happening today, some students and teachers at oakland technical high school are planing to protest a visit to the school this morning by new uc president janet napolitano, the protesters say they are calling for her to be removed as president of the uc system because of the large number of undocumented immigrants deported while she was homeland security secretary. health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius is expected to face sharp criticism this morning when she testifies about the problematic
roll out of the website, in her prepared remarks to the hearing she blames the contractors hired to build the website. at a hearing last week the contractors blamed the government. many republicans blame her and want her to resign. >> expecting this secretary to be able to fix what she hasn't been able to fix during the last three and a half years is unrealistic, it is throwing good money after bad. it is time for her to resign, someone else to take char. >> now later today president obama travels to boston where he will call for patience with the roll out of the affordable care act. he will talk about the difficulties massachusetts had when it launched its own insurance reform that is now popular. the face of the website has changed. namely it doesn't feature the face of the smiling woman anymore. she was taken off the website over the weekend and replaced with icons of the 4 ways people can sign up. the shot of the smiling woman came from a stock photo library, there are rots it was
removed when people started trying to find out who she is. >> there is a new twist in the case of a patient found dead in a locked stairwell at fran sphran general hospital. the body of lib spaulding was found earlier this month, nearly three weeks after she disappeared from her room. now police say they can't find the man who reported seeing her body several days before it was found. that man was apparently wearing a hospital badge, he informed a supervisor who contacted hospital security, but it took four more days for spalding's body to be recovered, the man they are looking for is described as asian, 5'8" with a medium build between 30 and 40, he was wearing a blue dress shirt hospital identification and possibly a tie. time now 4:36, campbell police hoping video will help catch 4 suspects in a nightclub shooting. it shows the suspects walking
into the spot nightclub in campbell, they enterand talking they are followed by them. a 33-year-old nightclub employee was hurt but is expected to survive. we have posted more of this video on our website, so you can get a better look at it. go to our hot topics section. the search resumes this morning in the gold country for a missing miner. 65-year-old walter steveer disappeared a week ago, rescuers are concerned because of the rugged terrain and cold weather, search teams have been looking for him near nevada city. they found his car on monday but have been no other signs of him. 100 people, police dogs and horses have been brought in to look for him. he does know the region and owns a mining claim there. >> another vigil is planned tonight to protest the killing
of andy lopez. hundreds attended his funeral last night. the 13-year-old was shot to death by a sheriff's deputy last week while holding a bb gun that resembled a weapon, leaders say the killing has led to growing tension between officers and the community. >> that is part of the discussion we are going to have, what can we create, what dialogue can we create to ensure we have that, because it doesn't exist right now. >> last night's funeral followed another day of protest in santa rosa. >> earlier in the day 1000 people marched to the sonoma county sheriff's office to protest the shooting. deputies stood guard behind barricades and on the roof of sheriff's headquarters. the laly started at noon and only seemed to grow as the day went on but police say the huge crowd remained peaceful during the demonstration. this shooting has now become a national news story.
it is raising the debate on when officers should use deadly force, coming up find out what is making the tough decision even more difficult. >> in a story you will see only here, ktvu has found more than a million people drive through bay area tollbooths every year without paying a cent. one of the most common ways to cheat the system is to use temporary cardboard plates, these blank dealer plates are stolen from newly purchased cars and cannot be traced, every month an average of 100,000 cars cross bridges with no license plates and that is millions of dollars in lost revenue. >> when a plate for whatever reason can't be read and in this case because the plate is not there, we peg those losses at about 4 million dollars a year. >> the transportation commission is pushing for a change in state law that would require all cars to have license plates before they
leave the lot. now the proposal under consideration would require them to do that that would be entered into the dmv data base. they will hold a hearing following the accident that killed them. they were working on the tracks when they were hit and killed by a bart train. now lawmakers say a policy that makes track workers responsible for their own safety may have contributed to that accident. the bart discontinued that policy shortly after the deaths 10 days ago, a committee now plans to hold a hearing on november 7th in san francisco. >> 4:40, this morning the cardinals hope it is not a bad omen, while they finally landed in boston, they spent section hours last night on the tarmac of the st. louis airport, this plane was ground due to mechanical problems.
now despite the long wait the players said everyone had a good attitude, well fed and able to walk around, the red sox lead 3-2 and can win with a victory tonight, coverage of game 6 begins this afternoon. a special edition of the ktvu channel 2 news is on at 4:00. the city of santa clara is putting together its security steam for the new stadium. the city will hire 120 current and former police officers to work at 49ers home games and other high profile events alongside police. the news reports officers hired will be paid 55 dollars an hour and will have to pass the same background check as officers on the police force, although they will be paid out of the stadium revenue and not the police department's budget. >> you might get to see a little bit of the game too. >> just a little bit. >> 4:41 is the time a-south bay elementary school targeted by thieves the tens of thousands of dollars in equipment taken and the major at the time back students are now facing.
>> an oakland's china town could feel more secure for the next year, we will tell you who is picking up the bill in this push for safer streets. >> highway 24 looking not too bad at this hour, we do have construction going on around the bay area but everything is pretty much wrapping up in the next 20 minutes. >> it is a 3 dog night or a 3 cat night, sunny today but how much warmer and a look ahead to your weekend.
welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news, time now is 4:45, an oakland businessman is now providing security for his entire business community, he is ceo of the bank and just signed to provide guards there in the next year, he said it was a necessary step because oakland's crime problem is costing his community too much. >> it is not a cheap endeavour but it is something we were in
a position to do. >> according to their crime statistics they were 800 and those show it picks up in the evening so they will make patrolling during early evening hours a top priority. the killing of a 13-year- old boy carrying a toy gun in santa rosa has sparked a number of big protests during the past week. but law enforcement experts say the decision to use deadly force is always a tough one. it is even more difficult when replica guns are involved. ktvu news found several realistic looking models for sell in stores and on line, former san francisco police chief tony rivera says officers often have little time to distinguish a replica from the real thing. >> in a split second the officer has an opportunity to -- to -- to decide whether -- whether it is real or not.
i don't think so. >> now police officers routinely go through training on when and when not to use deadly force but law enforcement experts say that training can't prepare them for every scenario. >> police are warning drivers not to leave anything in their cars after a wave break of break-ins, police say car break- ins are up 34%. thieves are looking for electronics, including those. >> it is one of those things where it is kind of like idiot, what am i thinking, why would i leave a bag or anything that looks like it might be worth something to somebody. >> popular garages are popular targets and stowing valuables in the trunk may not help, police say thieves sometimes pose as attendants and watch what you put in your trunk. a new tool is helping richmond fight its reputation as the car thief capitol of the country, cameras scan traffic and can photos of 44,000 license plates each day, if a
car comes up stolen police immediately receive an alert, they say they have are down since 4 were installed in may. >> 4:47 is the time, tara is in for sal and talking about something that bugs me a bit. necessary but construction going on. >> yeah a-lot of those projects are actually wrapping up in the next 15 minutes or so pam so that is good. we do have a lane on the bay bridge eastbound construction going on also two to three lanes in the south bay highway 87 northbound at the taylor off- ramp will be closed for a while longer. right now our maps here you can see the south bay everything looking clear and on the peninsula same story as we cross the bridges you can see everything is looking forward there. in san francisco 101 also looking great in both directions on the right to sfo and on the left toward downtown. finally the east shore freeway there is more folks on the roadway now but people on the
left-hand-side headed towards the macarthur maze, everything looking good, at the toll plaza, we will show you that one in the next 15 minutes or so but everything is looking pretty good, 4:48, steve, how is it going? >> never better. >> you get a good night's sleep? >> what was that? how is that? sleep, what is that, all right, good morning, just heard from our good friend john, pam, yes, he is up -- >> hey -- >> -- reno -- 36 degrees mostly cloudy but mostly of that should be ending, the snow is over with, patchy fog up in to santa rosa and napa, visibility is not too vase yet but it may, 37 to start, 58 and go for a high of 66 today so bumping up
a few degrees but not a lot. the frost advisory was cancelled, a lot of cloud cover starting to clear out but on the lee side starting to get, that low is moving there giving them snow so they are getting the benefits of that the sierra picked um, 30s, 40s and 50, right at 50 there and 41 there -- don't see that all the time, mostly clear skies temperatures will warm up here, so a cold mork, patchy fog, mainly in the north bay, mainly -- if you are getting some patchy fog --- 68 clear beelike, 65 navato, 65 -- santa ross there 66 -- why are they warmer than them? because their low is not as cold, that is why --
>> she says it is all because she fell in love with the wrong man. >> here is a yard sale you might want to attend, oprah winfrey, the price tag though a bit higher than you might be used to seeing.
well police will be out in force this halloween looking for sex offenders violating their parole, they have to follow a curfew and are banned from putting up decorations, they man to take them to curfew centers for 5 hours, find out if they are living in your neighborhood by visiting the website, we put a link on our website under the hot topics tab. >> san jose police are trying to find the man who used his victim's heart to get to her money. in january cat met a man, fell in love with him, within three weeks they were married, what she did not know was that her new husband, james mcintosh, jr. was on the website mug, under multiple aliases, including michael reid, she says she gave him
money and add him to her checking account, within two weeks her life savings were gone. >> he got married to me, he stole 5 43,000 dollars and have no idea where he is at. >> if you have any information about him you are asked to call the police. san francisco police say they have nabbed one of the most wanted bicycle thieves in the city. a photo of the suspect, 37-year- old shawn 6 six tay was taken minutes after his arrest, there he is, they say he is a repeat bike thief last arrested in april, uc police caught him, they say he was in possession of stolen property and had tools like that. >> they are modified tire jacks so you can shave down parts of it to try and fit inside of a
lock and then you crank up the jack and it explodes the lock. >> people consider those locks you know bullet free but -- bulletproof -- >> right -- >> -- crime alert after five bikes were stolen from a garage in the park district, they say they are looking into whether the suspect sixtay was behind those as well, that shows a report, more than 4000 reported stolen last year alone. >> police say they are making progress against against violence, new statistics show a drop compared to last year, they are also down 10%, while robberies are down. they need more.
they are considering new proposals to keep them from leaving, one plan would require them to pay back that, a second calls for the police academy to charge tuition and offer them a zero interest loan, the city would pay back those loans who stay with the department. >> the truth is we need more officers and no matter how hard they work there is no substitute for having more officers out there on the street. >> police departments in oakland, hayward and l.a. already have repayment requirements. council members say it can cost 170,000 dollars to recruit and train each new officer. >> southwest airlines will loan ipads to some of its bay area passengers, travelers flying between oakland, denver and chicago can check out an ipad too to use during the flight it is part of their promotion that lets them watch tv for free on their mobile devices on wifi enabled planes, the ipad loan is for people who do not have their own tablets to use. oprah winfrey is holding a
yard sale today in santa barbara, it is quite a yard sale, about 4000 people are expected to rummage through her belongs, some of the items include antiques, fine art and signed autographs, not your usual yard sale though, the items we understand start -- start at 150,000 dollars. proceeds though will benefit her leadership academy for students in south africa. >> well coming up in our 5:00 our hour we are following that crash, find out who is blamed for it. >> also a new reason to like facebook, why it may soon give new life to a struggling company. >> we have an accident on the east shore freeway to tell you about and here is a live look at the golden gate bridge, more traffic ahead. >> a lot more sunshine today but how much warmer will we get? a chill in the morning air and the weekend as well.
we will tell you about a car crash in sonoma county and tell you why investigates believe alcohol was involved. >> live in campbell, police released security video of a nightclub and hoping to cash
suspects in a shooting, we will tell you what prompted that and show you the video. >> new information about a teen killed by a deputy, what a second deputy is telling investigators about the moment of that deadly shooting. >> plus it could be a game changer for facebook, the troubled company facebook may be looking to buy, all ja laid on ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> welcome back, thank you for joining us, ktvu heading down to the south bay where there is a major new development in the case of that nightclub shooting and janine de la vega is there, this is campbell and we have video to show you that, so we will get to that in just a moment. it is wednesday, october 30th, i am pam cook. >> middle of the week, brand new day, good morning, i am dave clark, let's check weather anaf